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We're looking for a smart, communicative, entrepreneurial go-getter with a passion for queer & minority sexual groups, with a generalist/product manager profile who enjoys building up ideas, talking to new people, and solving novel problems.

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To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to

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Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic and empathetic individual to join our team as the first hire for our matchmaking service. As a Matchmaking Manager, you will play a crucial role in building our service to serve a minority group, fostering meaningful relationships, growing the business, and ensuring the success of Platonicity.

This is a paid position meant to be part-time as of now.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Client Consultation:

    • Conduct in-depth interviews with clients to understand their preferences, values, and relationship goals.

    • Assess compatibility based on cultural contexts, personality traits, and lifestyle preferences.

    • Conduct small online meets for members to get to know each other in a fun & meaningful environment.

  2. Partner Management:

    • Communicate and collaborate with current business partners to ensure smooth delivery of services.

    • Identify and approach new partners as and when need arises.

  3. Networking & Community Engagement:

    • Establish and maintain potential matches through various channels, including social events, online platforms, and community engagement.

    • Collaborate with local businesses and other organizations to expand the pool of eligible candidates.

  4. Client Support:

    • Provide ongoing support and guidance to clients throughout the sign up and matchmaking process.

    • Address client concerns, answer questions, and ensure a positive client experience on the website and SM channels.

  5. Data Management:

    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date client databases.

    • Document client feedback and preferences to improve matchmaking accuracy and service delivery.

  6. Event Coordination:

    • Organize and facilitate social events, mixers, or meet-and-greet sessions to facilitate connections between clients.

    • Organize other allied events as a part of network building and community engagement.

  7. Digital Communication:

    • Develop and grow social media accounts for Platonicity across profiles.

    • Collaborate, brainstorm, and actively create engaging content for promotional purposes.

    • Develop catchy content for websites, blogs, social media captions etc.

  8. Other Responsibilities:

    • Handle all other tasks as and when required and assigned in the interest of growing and improving PLatonicity.



  1. Great communication & negotiating skills in Hindi and English 

  2. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build rapport with a diverse range of people

  3. A generalist who can multitask and handle a variety of responsibilities 

  4. A minimum of 1 year of work experience

  5. Emotional intelligence & maturity, patience, tolerance, and the ability to listen & hold space

  6. An entrepreneurial attitude- solution oriented, growth mindset, balanced

  7. High level of discretion and respect for client confidentiality

  8. Ability to use digital tools such Zoom, Google Suite, Canva, social media apps etc.

  9. A fundamental capacity to take responsibility, initiative, and action, and focus on problem solving

  10. Sensitivity and respect for gender and sexual minority groups, diverse sexual preferences etc.

  11. Indian nationality


  1. Bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, communication, or a related field.

  2. Experience in the matchmaking industry, managing similar product/service, client servicing, relationship counselling, or a related field.

  3. Social Media expertise, knowledge of SEO and SMO.

  4. Design skills and expertise in tools such as Adobe, Figma, Wix, Canva etc.

  5. Deep knowledge of LGBTQIA+, particularly asexual & aromantic identities.

  6. Resident of Delhi (NCR)

How to Apply

​Interested candidates should submit their resume and a cover letter outlining their fit for the post and their approach to successful matchmaking for nonsexual alliances. Applications can be sent to with the subject line mentioning 'Application: manager'.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis for as long as needed to find the right candidate.

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