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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the need for Platonicity?

To most lay people, Platonicity wouldn't make sense. But for people who are unable to have or uninterested in a 'regular, heteronormative, socially acceptable, and standard sexually intimate' relationship, it is a life changer! For these people, in the current scenario, this is the only service that can support them live a life of peace, have long lasting companionship, relieve family and social pressures, or have a dignified healthy relationship.

2. Who is Platonicity for?

There are many kinds of people of various gender and sexual identities who could benefit from Platonicity's services for a wide variety of reasons. Below is a limited and non-exhaustive list of some such scenarios:

Ace person

An asexual person who doesn't experience sexual attraction to others might not be inclined to have a sexually active relationship but might still want love and companionship. We help them find such a match!

Gay Man

A gay man who is facing immense societal pressure to 'get married and settle down' and is unable to refuse due to any reason, might want to find a wife who he doesn't feel like he is 'cheating' or 'letting down'.


A woman who doesn't like men but is facing a forced arranged marriage and is stressed from the fear of sexual assault from such a husband might want to find a match through PLatonicity instead and be free of the fear.

Sexual Dysfuntion

A person with any kind of a sexual dysfunction or a medical condition that doesn't let them have the kind of sexual intimacy that is considered 'normal', such as in the case of vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, low libido etc.

Nonsexual person

Regardless of reasons or causes, there are many people who simply do not desire sexual intimacy in the way that most people consider a given. For all those people, PLatonicity serves to cater to their specific needs.

And more

There are many more use cases for our services and we encourage you to join us if you feel this is what can help you.

3. Why is PLatonicity not a cheaper service?

1. Because if you know anything about this small community, you will agree that we are all very sparsely spread out. It is very difficult to find people who will be looking for such alliances- which means we need to market heavily to find people like you and us from deep corners. 

2. Because this work is very labour intensive and needs full time workers to really pull it off- which means we need to pay them for their work.

3. Because we have gained experience over the last many years and deserve to be compensated fairly for our initiative, expertise, and experience.

4. Because we are a small business run by the community itself & are just starting off - which means we need your support & resources to take off.

5. Because Dr. Pragati is a renowned leader working dedicatedly for the community for almost a decade, has unparalleled credentials, and needs to be valued for giving up her mainstream career as a medical doctor to do this work instead.

We have only two options- either to not do this or do this. If we are to do this, we need to make it a sustainable model. If you think this is important work, show your support to our small business! In fact, if you want to pay us extra for this noble work, please do! It will help us make it more accessible to those who cannot afford it.

If this still doesn't convince you, please contact us to work for us on pro-bono basis. We can always use helping hands and would be happy to accommodate you and offer you free membership <3

Support small businesses.

4. What happens once I purchase a membership?









Depending on the type of membership purchased, you will go through the above mentioned steps.

01 Enrollment: Within 7 days of your membership purchase you will be contacted by us to get you started and register your basic information.

02 Consultation: Over the next few weeks/ months, you will be offered a number of personal consultation sessions to thoroughly understand your identity, your needs, your priorities etc. These sessions will also double up as personal coaching to help you articulate your boundaries and communicate them effectively with potential matches, as well as to support you on the journey.

03 Meetups: Once the full fledged meetups are launches and if you've gone through your consultations and are ready, you will start receiving invitations to our online meetups where you will meet and engage wit potential matches in a safe environment, facilitated by Dr. Pragati Singh.

04 Matches: You will be able to privately share your interest in potential matches based on the meetups. If the interest is mutual, your intorductions will be facilitated and supported by us to see it through for you!

Get started today.

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