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You've Arrived.

Glad you landed on our page and found us. We all know how hard it is to find resources, services, and support for small communities and causes, don’t we?

Let’s talk about what Platonicity is: 

We’re a small initiative trying to solve the biggest problem for a niche group of people: We’re trying to help you find a specific kind of a match- a non sexual, less sexual, non romantic, less romantic, or platonic kind of a match. Are you looking for a queerplatonic partner, or a marriage of convenience, or a ‘lavender marriage’? We understand you. We’ll help you.

How we started: 

Since 2017, starting with Delhi, Dr. Pragati Singh has organized the PLatonicity meetups both offline and online dozens of times in various parts of the country.  With time, she realized that the community needed a more tailor made and on-going service to support them in more ways than one. And so, in June of 2022, she launched PLatonicity as a service. 


Who we are:

We’re not a big corporation or an established company: Instead, we are just starting off and trying to do our best to solve this problem that no-one else even recognizes as a real challenge. Lead by Dr. Pragati Singh, our small team will do its best to listen to you and support you in this search.


Currently launched in its *beta* version, Platonicity aims to be a membership based personalized matchmaking service. Launched this pride month, we’re still figuring out what you need and are very keen to listen to you. Tell us, what’s most important to you in your match? 


How it works: 

Once enrolled, you will go through a number of sessions to help you navigate and crystallize what your priorities are, what’s important, what’s negotiable for you and what’s not. This will help you stay realistic and be prepared for when the matchmaking meetups start taking place in full swing. Eventually, you will be invited to meetups and conversations with people who might be your potential matches.


What you will understand: 

We do not and can not promise you a match. This is a very niche group of people that we are trying to connect to each other. Our denominator is small. Whether or not you will like any of them cannot be ascertained by anyone except you. We have worked for years and go beyond our means to hand pick members- who are only about 1% of the population. 


What we promise :

What we can assure you of is that we put in the effort, we try our best, we prioritize you and your situation, and that we might be the only service TRYING to do something about this. What's stopping you from joining us?

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs page >
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